The Percussion massagers have been around for centuries, and their benefits have inspired their use in various cultures around the world. One of their most popular uses is in Asian cultures, where they are often used as part of a holistic approach to natural health care. The massage gun is becoming more popular in Western countries as well. Still, it remains something that many people are entirely unfamiliar with, even though it’s been used for hundreds and hundreds of years in some parts of the world. In this blog post, we’ll look at some best handheld massage guns that you can buy right now! The best kind of gun for medicinal purposes to help relieve sore muscles and other ailments is that made from stainless steel, so be sure to select a gun such as this for your personal needs. We will go in-depth on some of the top qualities you should watch out for when making this purchase to make it easier.

These guns are perfect for those who want to feel more pleasure in playtime. In addition, many athletes and men who like to get fit choose to use massage guns because when used the right way, they can enhance certain athletic activities and many other pleasurable sensations. Gun massagers are a hot product right now, so it’s no wonder athletes are loving them. They relieve sore muscles and other upcoming ailments, which is one of the main reasons they’re in demand, but they can be great for anyone who wants to keep their body healthy. Be ready to have your body worked on – on the spot. Use these top massager guns for revitalization, so you can get going immediately once you give yourself a massage with the gun! It goes almost anywhere.

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Key Features
WBM Smart Percussion Massage Gun
"Best massage gun on amazon"
WBM Smart Portable Massage Gun

✅Multiple Speed Option

✅Multiple heads

✅ Portable Massage Gun

✅ Get Under $200

✅Easy to use

"Best gun massager"
TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun

✅Top-weighted design

✅ Universal massage head

✅ Lightweight and travel-friendly

✅ 4-speed motor

"Best massage gun under $150"
VYBE Massage Gun for Athletes

✅Best back massager

✅ 3 interchangeable massage

✅ Easy to use

✅ Quiet operation

✅ Comfortable ergonomic handle

"Best muscle gun"

✅Providing long-lasting relief

✅ Powerful motor 

✅ Trigger point massager

✅ Good Performance

"Best massage gun for athletes"
Cotsoco Massage Gun

✅ Relieve Muscle Soreness

✅ Quiet Glide Technology

✅ Made of food-grade materials

✅ Detachable Massage Head


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WBM Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb

"Best Massage Gun Under $200"


This adjustable massage gun has an ergonomic design for comfort and incorporates medical-grade silicone nozzles, which are both powerful and easy on the body for all kinds of recipients. WBM Massage Guns is a company that has helped a lot of people throughout the years by making high-quality massage guns. WBM Massage Guns have been known for their power and helping people to ease muscle pain. This truly built high-quality equipment comes with three adjustable speeds to help you select the perfect speed for you. In addition, this massage machine by WBM comes with a powerful percussion vibration that enables you to achieve 2,000-3,200 strokes per minute and entirely depending upon your stipulated need. The massage gun helps you relax to relieve your multiple different muscle pains. Whether it’s personal use or professional use, the WBM Massage Gun is a fantastic product made with a high-quality lithium-ion battery of 4800 mAh, which will provide up to 8 hours of usage, and you can use it up to 3-4 hours without any worry. WBM massager is like Costco and other massage guns on our list. The WBM International Company manufactures the best massage machine for your back muscles. What makes WBM so good is it uses many different customized shaped heads. The best part about this product is replacing each of the heads to give you a different muscle experience. Having 6 gives you a lot of different options, leaving anyone completely satisfied. So, overall the WBM is manufacturing the top handheld massage gun on amazon.



Color Silver | Brand Himalayan Glow | Material Plastic | Power Source Battery-Powered | Model Name Massage Gun

Reason To Buy

  • Multiple Speed Option 
  • Multiple heads
  • Zero noise produces 
  • Best Smart Massage Gun
  • Portable Manufacturing
  • Budget-Friendly

Reason To Avoid

  • No screen to show

VYBE Massager Gun for Pain Relief

Best smart massager gun

The VYBE massage gun features a list of variable speeds and pulse-head attachments that make this massage gun worth the price. For those who want to get a superb quality handheld, handheld rolling massager, the VYBE is the best massage gun for athletes. It has the magnitude of strength that athletes need when working on their bodies through recovery or maintenance techniques. The variable speed (VSD) massage is one of the most popular treatments at the wellness centers. It’s been shown to target pain points and work out sore spots, which makes it an ideal treatment for those suffering from sprains or muscle strains. You should be aware, though, that some people prefer the versatility of non-variable speeds. Multi-speed massages give you the chance to mix things up if you want to focus on certain areas in a specific way, so we’ve decided to introduce them as well! We used interchangeable massage tips as we were inspired by our success with this new type of therapy and how well it has been received so far. So, overall the VYBE massage gun is the best overall.


Color:  Blue | Brand: Exerscribe | Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Power Source: Battery Powered | Water Resistance Level: Not Water Resistant

Reason To Buy

  • 6 variable speeds
  • Ergonomic grip
  •  45-60 minutes of runtime
  • 3 interchangeable massage tips
  • Travel case included

Reason To Avoid

  • Fairly heavy at 2 pounds, 5 ounces


Best massage gun for back pain

The REATHLETE DEEP4S massage gun is designed to perform as an athletic therapy device, with special mechanisms that simulate tendons and ligaments in your muscles, possibly making you stronger. For this reason, new and extremely high-quality materials have been used not only on the outer part of the gun but also on its inner framework. This is done so that we can make sure your powerful electric muscle gun doesn’t break down when you use it regularly or grab it too strongly. However, some people prefer using this powerful body gun for massage purposes since it can deliver a wide variety of therapeutic treatments. It is true that REATHLETE is a versatile brand and aims to serve as many needs and demands as its customers without sacrificing quality or performance. The REATHLETE DEEP4S massage gun is a revolutionary massager that instantly resembles an athlete training to win a race. The massage gun was designed with a simple yet effective design, making it easy to use on those particularly tense areas of your body from your back, shoulders, and legs. It also features a patented technology designed to go deep into the muscles, which are often neglected when using other massagers. Even one session can prove immensely effective for people who suffer from different conditions such as arthritis or muscle injuries. The massage gun comes in various colors and is available on Amazon.


Brand: REATHLETE | Material: Chiropractic | Power Source: Battery Powered | Product Benefits: Muscle Therapy

Reason To Buy

  • Multiple handling positions
  • Includes 5 different pulse head
  • Up to 8-hour battery life
  • Includes a travel case

Reason To Avoid

  • Fairly expensive option

TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun

Best Impact Massage Gun

TriggerPoint Impact 4-Speed Massage Guns are perfect for targeting muscle knots with percussion massage. It’s lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to use on the go. In addition, TriggerPoint Impact offers high performance at a low price. The massage gun is made to last with its motorized percussion action, and once you try it, you’ll never want to live without them. They’re great for relieving muscle tension either on your own or with your partner today. TriggerPoint Impact 4-Speed Massage Guns are handheld percussion massagers, which means the tone and intensity of vibration and percussion can be changed to hit hard precisely where you want it for targeted muscle pain and tension relief. They’re lightweight, portable, and easy to use on the go, great for relieving all types of muscle tension, whether cardio or core. These massage guns are made to last with durable motorized percussion action. The TriggerPoint Impact has a 4-Speeds available and is a powerful massager that’s much more affordable than most. It has a variety of different actions that allow you to work out knots or simply relax using percussion massage with its excellent massage heads. When you use the TriggerPoint Impact4 on your back, neck, or legs, it’ll give your muscles relief from tension, allowing for a much deeper and quicker relaxation than traditional massagers that offer only soothing vibration without the kneading action needed for intense pain relief. Once you try it out, you’ll never want to be without it.



Brand: Trigger Point Performance | Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Power Source: Battery Powered | Model Name: 04454

Reason To Buy

  • Four different variable speeds
  • The optimized universal massage head
  • Easy to operate
  • Top-weighted, the angled design.
  • Capable of 2 hours of continuous massage
  • Brushless motor is quiet

Reason To Avoid

  • Not compatible with attachment heads

Cotsoco Massage Gun

Best powerful massage gun

On our list of the five best massage guns, the Costco Massage Gun is also found, which comes with a six adjustable speed option. This allows you to treat your muscle with the perfect pressure you’re looking for. It’s also super quiet, and without creating noise, you can treat your muscles. This massage gun relieves your muscle tension and increases your range of motion. If you keep using a Cotsoco massage therapy gun, you can make your body healthier than ever and enjoy a time to relax and let go. The Cotsoco brand is made from food-grade materials, and due to its safety-protection design, it’s safe for the human body. The Cotsoco does not just work on your upper limbs but also offers a range of adjustable speeds for your convenience. In addition, this massage gun creates soothing sound waves that quickly and efficiently treat muscle strain with its super quiet design. So whether you’re looking to relieve pain or simply enjoy some time relaxing, the Cotsoco makes it easy to release tension in all parts of your body and reinvigorate your energy levels. One reason this massage gun is excellent for treating your sore muscles is that it’s so quiet, and that means you can treat your muscles in peace without causing a disturbance to others. Many other features about this particular Cotsoco Massage Gun make it an excellent product to try out, including its superb adjustment options and long power cord.


Color: Silver | Brand: Cotsoco | Power Source Battery: Powered

Reason To Buy

  • 20 adjustable speeds
  • Compact massage gun
  • Highly portable design
  • Travel case included
  • Easy to use

Reason To Avoid

  • Relatively expensive option
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Final Remarks – Best Handheld Massage Gun On Amazon

By reading this article, you will know exactly what you need in a handheld massage gun. If you are looking for the best handheld massage gun, you need to take a look at the products featured in this article. We have reviewed the top 5 handheld massage guns on the market today, and we are confident that you will find the perfect option for your needs.

First, we researched and found the best massaging guns available on the market to review. Then, we reviewed the options from multiple angles and gave them each an initial rating. After that process, we finally decided that WBM MASSAGE GUN had the highest rating for our needs. WBM MASSAGE GUN comes with a high-quality lithium-ion battery and allows you to change its speed. From there, we put together a table from all of our collected data to rank each option after each task done with a massage gun to give you more information about them so you can figure out which one will work best for your needs. We made sure that everything was clear and readable this way, so you know what is important when it comes down to making your own decision about which one to choose!

After extensive research and reviewing multiple massage guns, we found that WBM, Cotsoco, VYBE, and REATHLETE DEEP4S massage gun gives your muscles deep massage and you can treat different muscles of your body by using these massage guns. The TriggerPoint Impact is our other top choice in the low budget; both of these massage guns provide excellent quality performance.

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