Being a university student, I have always loved eating junk food, including drinks and milkshakes. Eating unhygienic milkshakes and fruit juices daily got me in a lot of trouble, getting me into the worst health-related issues. Healthy eating is essential to avoid health problems like hepatitis, typhoid, and diarrhea-like problems. A healthy meal is essential for nutrition and good health, protecting from non-communicable diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes. Eat healthily and stay healthy! A few weeks back, the situation got a little out of hand when I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A, creating a tense situation for me. At that time, I realized that I should avoid unhealthy eating to make my life more organized toward clean eating habits.

WBM Smart Portable Blender Juicer

WBM Portable Juicer Blender

Why is health now more essential for me? Despite all the struggles related to my health, I started searching for some intelligent appliances to handle my situation when not at home. Eating homemade healthy food, milkshakes, and fresh fruit juices is better. Getting something easy for me to carry fruit juices and morning milkshakes and smoothies around is good. Juicer blenders, the ones that are portable and smartly designed to carry smoothies and milkshakes during my travel to avoid unhygienic conditions. So, scrolling down different websites and brands, I read about many personal blenders. After a detailed search, my eyes got stuck on a personal blender. As a health-conscious person, I was searching for the Best Portable Juicer Blender and succeeded in getting my hands on it while leaving the unhygienic smoothie shops behind!

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Best Portable Juicer Blenders
Best Portable Juicer Blenders

The one that grabbed my attention is the WBM Smart Wireless Portable Juicer Blenders, which claims to be the best one for smoothies and shakes. The appearance is not a heavy-duty juicer blender but a more compact, portable, and uniquely designed version of the personal Blender.

When getting something so unique makes you think about it again once. At first, I doubted whether I should think about this blender bottle or not. But after going through the reviews on the different websites, I was delighted with the smart device designed to make your job easier. I wanted my health to get better and regular like before, so I needed to get my hands on it. Without thinking again, I ordered the Mini Blender for myself.

What I was thinking about the Hand Blender was the same! A decently packed personal blender grabbed my attention. Everything related to the packaging, design, and size was on point. With more emphasis by the WBM Smart on customer satisfaction, I was a bit satisfied with everything besides the other brand packages I got in the last few days. As soon as I opened the package, I got the small Blender in my hands, and I was astonished to see it. Holding for a single time in my Hand proved the quality of the electric hand blender. Without wasting any time, I picked the user manual from the box. Set the juicer blender according to the manual for charging before use.

Best Blender For Smoothies

After completely charging for 4-6 hours, I excitedly added the fruits to the blender cup and started it. Within 40 seconds, all the ingredients get blended well, making super-smooth smoothies and shakes. That was the time when I felt fascinated about my experience of getting the best hand blender. The most beautiful thing about the small Blender was the compact size. As we all know, “Appearances are Deceptive” these blenders are small yet powerful enough to blend the ingredients well for the creamy shakes and smoothies. Exploring the Blender for shakes and smoothies, the other thing that fascinated me was the convenience that it is easy to carry around during traveling.

Another convenience is the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can be charged again after use through the USB charging cable. All the nuts and frozen ingredients got blended well. Felt relaxed! After trying the smoothie blender by myself, I told my mum to try this as well and recommended this to my friends too. If you think of bringing convenience and improvement to your health, buy this and recommend it to others as well. 

WBM Smart Blender For Shakes and Smoothies

Carrying the smoothies and shakes in the blender cup feels like a luxury. Avoid the local smoothie and shake shops and get surprised by the personal blenders in your hands.

Wireless Operation

These WBM Smart Portable Blender has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 1200 mAh that is easy to carry around during traveling to offices, workplaces, and recreational places without any mess around. Save your electricity bills without completely charging the personal blender for 4-6 hours. 


ABS+ PC Durable blender cups blend well with the vegetables for the perfect fresh juices and smoothies. The durable blades and motor are durable enough to break hard nuts and frozen items, lasting longer than heavy-duty blenders. 


This powerful blender cup is small yet efficient enough to blend the ingredients well. Even the hard nuts, frozen vegetables, and fruits blend well into creamy smoothies and shakes. This blender bottle has proven that “Appearances are Deceptive” due to its high performance.

Cup Capacity

Hand blenders with a capacity of 300 ml are well for making morning shakes and smoothies. In just 40 seconds, blend the fruits and vegetables well for a nutrient-rich healthy diet. A better choice for a healthy lifestyle!

Self-cleaning Operation

Does the question arise that it is easy for me to clean the blender bottle without any hassle or mess? Health has key importance so, the self-machine-cleaning operation of personal blenders for travel is efficient enough. Just add some water to the blender cup and stir the blender bottle well for about 30 seconds. Go and make another smoothie or shake a glass and enjoy your mornings.

The Final Verdict | Best Portable Juicer Blender

So, the best one is the Wireless Portable Juicer Blender by WBM Smart, the one for your healthy and nutrient-rich morning shakes and smoothies that are ready in front of you within 40 seconds. Reviewing through different websites and brands makes you confused about which product to select but these WBM Smart Hand Blenders did not make a second thought in my mind about what to do. My eyes got stuck on these mini blenders. One of the perfect blenders for shakes and smoothies in terms of its durability, portability, and convenience.

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