Prime Day is just a week ahead – so we have rounded up the best about the sale and the bestsellers, making it the best shopping event in Amazon’s history with substantial discounts and deals on Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice.

Gear yourself up for the Prime Day Deals! It’s a few days ahead until Amazon Prime Day 2022 starts, so get ready for the huge offers on July 12, Tuesday, and July 13, Wednesday here on Himalayan Basmati Rice by Himalayan Chef. Well, many of the exciting deals will be started before the main event. A number of some exclusive deals with savings up to 40% off will already be available as ‘Early Prime Deals,’ so you can grab your favorite ones before time. You will be able to gather all the necessary information to take most of the benefits from this Prime Event 2022. 

This Prime Day by Amazon is edging ever closer, and we have already built the momentum with the exciting deals which will save up to 40% OFF on Himalayan Rice. July 12 is the event’s starting date and goes through July 13 with some deals that pop ahead of the main event. As you know, Amazon is already its star, highlighting some deals exclusively for Prime Members. If you still have not signed in, sign up now to avail yourself of the savings. When you become an Amazon Prime member, it will become easy to access the live deals and the early deals. Now, Amazon is hosting this 2-day midsummer sale event in 20 countries from the international to national-level brands across each category product. Amazon has grown well in the past years and changed the retail business. 

Every year, Amazon announces the best seller’s products on the prime day event worldwide; the bestselling categories include grocery, health & beauty, baby care, home & kitchen, and smart electronics for your home. Now, Amazon is said to highlight Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice Long Grain to be one of the bestsellers and famous rice to be purchased during Prime Day.

Himalayan Chef at 50% OFF on Amazon Prime Day!

UpTo %50 Off Product Award Get Now
Himalayan Premium-Aged & Extra-Long Grain Rice Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice, Super Kernel, Himalayan Rice, Extra-Long Grain, 2 lbs Best Basmati Rice View Deal
Himalayan Rice with Aromatic Texture Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice 10 lb, Super Kernel Long Grain Rice, Premium Aged, Naturally Aromatic Best Extra Long Grain Super Kernal Rice View Deal
Himalayan Chef Premium Quality Himalayan Basmati Rice Himalayan Chef Premium Quality Basmati Rice Best Extra Long Grain Rice View Deal
Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice Long Grain Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice Long Grain, Himalayan Rice, Aromatic Texture, Premium Aged, 10 lb Best Aromatic Texture Rice View Deal
Himalayan Chef 5569 Basmati Rice Himalayan Chef 5569 Basmati Rice Best Premium Super Kernel Basmati Rice View Deal

Himalayan Chef at 50% OFF on Amazon Prime Day!

While you were going through the early deals, we have compiled the Best Prime Day Deals on Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice. Before you go directly to the deals, you need to know about Himalayan Chef. One of the internationally-recognized food brands that are ranked well for its top quality of basmati rice sourced directly from the Himalayan Range for its freshness and purity. You’ll surely enjoy the burst of purity, flavor, and nutrition in every bite!

This year’s Amazon Prime Day is going to be an exciting one with so much around. The premium-aged, extra-long grain and naturally aromatic Himalayan Rice retains the maximum nutritional value. To give an idea of what types of basmati rice are popular and on sale has been listed down for your ease. 

Himalayan Chef Super Kernel Basmati Rice Deals on Prime Day

Super Kernel Basmati Rice is premium-aged with a high nutritional value, aroma, and flavor. This basmati rice organic is extra-nutritious and extra-long than any other regular rice in the market. So, this prime day is a good opportunity for you to grab this top-quality Himalayan rice at 40% off. This Himalayan basmati rice is hygienically hand-cleaned and processed through high-tech machinery with sustainable packaging to maintain the freshness of the product. Make your dishes delicious by buying basmati rice organic on Amazon Prime Day. Sustainable packing of the Himalayan Basmati Rice ensures rich flavor, as well as the Resealable Zip-Lock Packing is easy to handle with less environmental damage. 

Well, highlighting the key benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt, we make it a perfect choice for those looking for a natural way to add flavor to their meals. 100% natural pink salt, boasting 84+ minerals extracted from Himalaya, is among the pure form available. The “No.1 Tasting Himalayan Salt” directly connects to nature’s factory with 100% natural Himalayan pink salt, enriched with minerals like Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, and Potassium in an appropriate quantity than the regular salt that optimizes the human body’s health.

Premium-Aged & Extra-Long Grain Rice (2 lb)

Himalayan Rice with Aromatic Texture

The Himalayan Basmati Rice is naturally grown and harvested in the Himalayas with consistent quality by direct source from nature’s farm, making it a healthy staple diet. Worth-buying Himalayan Rice on Amazon Prime Day at 40% off.

Himalayan Rice with Aromatic Texture (10 lb):

  • Himalayan Premium-Aged & Extra-Long Grain Rice
  • Himalayan Chef 5569 Basmati Rice

Directly from the foothills of the Himalayas, Basmati Rice guarantees its purity and organic source. Aged for about 24 months for the rich flavor and non-sticky texture. Go and grab the opportunity of getting 40% off Himalayan Chef Super Kernel Basmati Rice. Well, if you want a pack of 2 basmati rice organic, you can get them at 40% off on year’s amazon prime day.

Basmati Rice Organic in Sustainable Packing (10 lb):

Himalayan Chef Premium Quality Himalayan Basmati Rice

Himalayan Chef Premium Quality Basmati Rice

Himalayan Chef Long Grain Basmati Rice

Well, fluffy and extra-long grain, this is Himalayan Basmati Rice! Make your curries and cuisines ready in just 15-20 minutes using Himalayan Rice. With the different sustainable packing available, you can get the one you want at 40% off. This pouch-packing of basmati rice is also available in a pack of 2, so go and grab it now!

Interesting Facts About Amazon Prime Day!

Celebrate Amazon’s Birthday with amazing deals: Prime Day was first celebrated in 2015 by Amazon to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Before then, the largest sale event from Amazon was Black Friday, but since its inception in 2015, a great number of Prime Day sales have surpassed those from Black Friday. Amazon Prime Day 2025 is anticipated to be bigger than most sales on Prime Day 2016 to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Biggest Sale Opportunity for the International Brands

Amazon also promoted companies in a previous Prime Day sale, making them see a huge amount of sales. We suggest that you stick to your wish list on Prime Day, but we see a side benefit to looking at and promoting small, up-and-coming businesses in particular.

Himalayan Basmati Rice is the popular one this year

In the Prime Day sales, besides Amazon products, many international brands make their products worth buying. Well, this year’s prime day will make the Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice Organic, the best seller at this event with 40% off.

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