A Perfect Lighting Source to Save Money: WBM Wi-Fi Smart Light Bulbs. What comes to mind about the most valued development since the manufactured fire? Of course, you say the Smart Light Bulbs! What makes you think about LED Light Bulbs? This invention of the Light bulb has undergone enormous changes compared to the incandescent light bulbs that are now replaced with Smart Bulbs. So, WBM Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs are the wave for today and the future generation due to their energy efficiency and long working hours, proving itself a green-friendly choice for the world. Smarten your life with the Smart Light Bulbs that open the door towards the interesting features of smart technology. Do you want energy and money savings? Switch to the Hue Lights that come with innovative design and space for improvements day by day. Considering the lighting circumstances, WBM Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulbs lighten every corner of your home and makes you indulge in the lighting, creating a comfortable lighting zone for you and your family.

WBM Smart Light Bulb

WBM Bright Wifi LED Light Bulb

Best Overall

Technical Specification OF WBM Light Bulb

  • Wattage: 9.5W
  • Input voltage: 120 V
  • CCT: 2700 K
  • CRI: 80
  • Color: RGB + Warm + Cool
  • Light Output: 800 lumen
  • Certifications: UL + ES
  • Life: 15000 hours
  • Beam Angle: 220 Degree

While thinking about the Smart Light Bulbs, everyone is pretty sure that these bulbs fulfil the lighting requirements. Install LED Bulbs where you have dim lighting, especially in the bedrooms and technology, making them a top priority for the consumers. LED Bulbs shine the brightest for outdoor lighting, flashlights, night lights, and under-cabinet fixtures. A small survey below helps select the energy-saving and efficient light bulbs, i.e., WBM Smart LED Bulbs, compared to the traditional ones available in the market at a higher cost with less efficiency.

What Are WBM WiFi Smart Light Bulb?

WBM Smart LED Light Bulb is different from the traditional bulbs, focusing more on balancing environmental health. Lighten up the indoor environment with these Wi-Fi Smart Light Bulbs that give a perfect glowing effect due to the comfortable LED lights. Get rid of the eye-pinching lights and switch to multi-color LED lights with vibrant colors for a calm environment. Smart Bulbs are Wi-Fi compatible, creating easy for you to operate the light bulbs from anywhere in your home. Good to go for late-night parties and girl’s movie night; when you are at a party, the smart bulb shines like bright RGB colors. At night, you can keep the glowing light to a dim level for a calm sleep and avoid disturbance.

Benefits Of WiFi Smart Light Bulb

So, the question that comes to the customer’s mind is which one is the energy-efficient light bulb? Of course, WBM Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulbs. We have highlighted the key features for your convenience, making them easy.

LED Light Bulb 

WBM Smart Light Bulbs are LED bulbs. These bulbs lighten the space when current flows through the circuit. Considered the most energy-efficient, affordable, and long-lasting.

Brightness Level

This Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb has the perfect brightness level with the adjustable glow of the RGB colors. There is no need to worry about the vibrant colors you think will pinch your eyes or trip at night. Easy to adjust the brightness level, i.e. high and dim, according to your needs. The RGB lights include warm and cool light colors for a vivid color display.


An ideal option for energy-saving is the Smart Bulbs, which are both energy-efficient and energy-saving. Our light bulbs with 9.5 watts of power are equal to incandescent bulbs of 60 watts. This wattage difference makes smart home devices more convenient for your home compared to traditional home devices.

APP Control Bulbs

These Alexa Light Bulbs are easy to operate when you are not at home with few clicks. Install the APP on your mobile phone. Create an account on the APP. Make sure you have an internet connection to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Guaranteed LED Bulbs

These Light Bulbs are guaranteed and UL+ES certified for safety purposes. With a base of E26, 800 lumen light output, and 9.5 watts of power, you do not need any bridge or additional hub for connecting the bulbs to the circuit.

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In A Nutshell- The Best WiFi Smart Light Bulb

Of course, you need some vibrant lighting in your lives. Select LED Light Bulbs, the best ones because of the high-quality, unique design, environmental impact, and energy usage. So, we want to swap towards the energy-saving light bulbs, i.e. WBM Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulbs.

Hopefully, this will help you with WBM Smart Light Bulbs without the risk of money wastage. Go through the key features of the light bulbs that make it easy to select the best smart home devices in the market.

When you need a light bulb as your bedside lamp, you can make the right decision by choosing energy-efficient bulbs. Which Smart Light Bulbs are specially designed for a balanced environment, and how can we cut down our electricity bills? We work out to tackle these frequently asked questions about the WBM Smart LED Light Bulbs for you.

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How are LED Light Bulbs different from Incandescent Bulbs?

When talking about the traditional bulb means the incandescent bulb, which was invented in 1879 by Thomas Edison. Light bulbs contain filaments that glow and produce light and heat through energy flow. LED light bulbs are concerned as they have electrons that flow through to form light photons. These photons do not have any heat and require less energy to form bright light than other traditional bulbs.

When Should You Ditch Your Dumb Light Bulbs?

Do not throw the old bulbs outside; recycle them for safety reasons. If you dispose of CFL bulbs, the mercury in them releases into the atmosphere with adverse effects. So, parts of these old bulbs can be reused, bringing them to the waste centre for the hazardous materials. At the same time, the Bulb have no mercury that can also be recycled and thrown in the trash without hesitation. Safe energy-saving light bulbs with no adverse environmental effects!a

Why should I choose WBM Smart Color-Changing LED Light Bulbs?

Many lighting options are available today, like incandescent bulbs, Wi-Fi LED Bulbs, and Fluorescent Bulbs. We recommend you to buy WBM Smart RGB Light Bulbs that work on saving your electricity bills. These smart bulbs have high-performance LED lights that provide a maximum light output of 800 lumens. These LED bulbs provide warm and cool lights that can be adjusted according to your need.

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