A New Type of WBM Smart UV Sterilizer Light that Makes Indoor Spaces Safer in the Right Way. In this era, enforcing hygiene is more essential to human well-being than ever before. Because we reside in this current situation where we should be more conscious of following hygiene practices and our motives for avoiding the taking of disease germs, we make an effort to reduce the positive chances of contracting any infection. In addition to the many other electronic devices we use regularly, we must take precautions to keep our devices clean and free from exposure. We frequently use mobile phones, computers, tablet computers, and even video game consoles, so we must be cautious not to let these random touch individuals.

WBM UV Disinfection Light

WBM Smart UV Light Sanitizer Wand Features

  • 360o radar sensing range that detects motion or movement in any direction, ensuring complete safety in your homes, or offices 
  • Delay switch for a safe living environment around 
  • Safe and convenient to use with a wireless remote control 
  • Three timing setting modes, and a reminder beep to keep your living safe from UV radiation.

When searching for a perfect way to keep your home clean and bacteria-free, pick the WBM Smart UV Light Sanitizer Wand! Innovation in the sanitizing industry uses powerful UV light to clean and sanitize surfaces quickly and easily. Portable UV Sanitizer Wand is designed with comfort in mind, making it easy to use and effective at quickly sanitizing large areas. According to the research conducted in laboratories, effective disinfection through UV light kills 99.99% of the microorganisms by the approved physical sterilization method. With the specific wavelength irradiation of 270-280 nm, this UV sanitizer light destroys bacteria’s RNA and DNA, destroying them with no ability to reproduce. With powerful UV lighting, create a healthier and safer world around you. 

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WBM UV Sterilizer Light

This effective disinfection method by the UV light combines with ozone that sterilizes all directions. One of the best suitable UV lights is for residential and professional use. 

Wireless Remote Control

Smart UV Sanitizer Light has a wireless remote control for the proper functioning of the UV light. When you turn on the power, select the time for disinfection and the UV light automatically turns on in 20 seconds ensuring a safe living environment for you and your loved ones

Disinfection Time

Sanitizing products removes germs and bacteria. However, some germs are resistant to certain types of sanitizers. Disinfection time is important to kill all the germs on a surface. 

  1. Sterilize small spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and restrooms for 15 minutes 
  2. For rooms with an area greater than 40 m2, quick sterilization of 30 minutes is well-required 
  3. For the rooms with an area greater than 40 m2, you can also go for strong sterilization of 60 minutes 

With the easy working operations, what you want else when you have all-in-one. Proper disinfection with the UV sterilizer light, with safe body detection induction, reduces the harmful impacts of UV on living beings. This UV-C light disinfection disinfects the air, reducing airborne contaminants. Energetic ultraviolet light destroys microorganisms by damaging the compounds they’re made out of. Countless bacteria have been examined, and a number of them have proven to be completely preventable from infecting the afflicted individual after a local light source was directed onto them. 

In A Nutshell | Does UV Light Sanitizer Wand Kill Viruses and Germs

When you talk about disinfection, it is always important for healthy well-being as well as the environment. The proper disinfection through the convenient method always wins. Take proper care of the indoor air spaces using the range of WBM Smart UV Disinfection and Sterilization Light that powerfully eliminates airborne particles from the air within a few minutes. For those, who see disinfection chemicals and liquids as harmful, one should consider WBM Smart equipped with the smart UV-C technology with a specific wavelength for the effective removal of bacteria and germs from the living environment. Live a Cleaner and Healthier Life with Smart UV Sterilizer Light that brings comfort in life with UV-C technology for healthy air.

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