When it comes to home security, no one size fits all answers! A robust home alarm system can be the best solution for some people. Home security systems add a blanket of safety for you and your loved ones. Equipping your home with the best security system lets you go on with your day with peace of mind. Make your home safer by investing in high-quality detectors that keep safety as the uttermost priority. The perfect home security systems not only keep your household safe but also decrease the anxieties associated with insecure alarm systems in your home. Aside from deterring burglars, the security systems reliably and efficiently provide comfort and security. Consider Smart Smoke Alarms a great option for home security! 

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Smoke detectors are a great addition to any property, as they are essential for timely detection of a possible fire in your home, and last but not least, they can make the difference between life and loss of life. However, the standard smoke detectors have a big flaw as they are based on the audible alarm, so you need someone nearby to hear it. However, while conventional smoke detectors rely on whether you or your neighbors can listen to their audible alarm, a smart Wi-Fi smoke detector can always alert you, no matter where you are. Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Detectors are linked to your home network. With the support of your app, you can instantly send messages to your smartphone and low battery alerts before the battery dies.

Therefore, if you intend to upgrade your home security and increase the safety level to prevent possible fires, you should get your hands on the WBM Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm

What to Know About the WBM Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Detector? 

Replacing the conventional smoke detector as the world continuously evolves with technology getting advanced and reliable, this all-in-one is the WBM Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm! With smartly connecting to your smartphones with all the updated alerts instantly, this smoke detector proves to be handy and reliable enough to detect the dangers of fires or smoke anywhere in your home. This smoke alarm has an infrared photoelectric sensor for detecting smoke or fires and gives instant notification on your smartphone. Further, this smoke detector system is battery-operated and warning alerts at the exact moment. 

What’s the Best about Wi-Fi Smart Smoke Alarm?

  • An advanced infrared photoelectric sensor that detects smoke and fires around
  • Real-time detection of smoke indoors with the 85 dB noise level and Wi-Fi connection 
  • Red LED indicator that flashes quickly after seeing smoke particles
  • Easy to install without no hardwiring systems 
  • Battery-operated with an expected life of 3 years with a Di sound for low-battery indication 
  • Suitable for all places in your home, whether bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen, get security everywhere 
WBM International Smoke ALARM

Technical Parameters: 

  • Working voltage: DC 3V (CR123A lithium battery) 
  • Sound level: >85dB 
  • Sensor type: Infrared photoelectric sensor 
  • Alarm Indication: Red LED 
  • Networking: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz 
  • Battery life: Max. 3 years 

Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm Secures Your Home with High-Tech Prevention!

With the simple installation and real-time notifications on your smartphone, simply download the WBM Smart APP. The alarm gets triggered with instant information on your smartphone, and through the noise level of 85 dB, this smart detector for smoke makes you aware of what is happening in your home, making you take quick action when you are away. 

With the Hush & Test button, you can use the push button to keep away from danger. Normally, hold down the hush test for three seconds before the alarm system displays an alert to you. Further, you can link many smart Wi-Fi Smoke Sensors together with the smart linkage. 

There is no need to install hardwired smoke detectors with illuminated changes of red light as the test (pause) or hush button for this battery-powered smoke detector, making navigation as simple as pushing just a single button. One of the perfect smoke alarms for any home space, whether bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen, gives safety and security everywhere in the indoor spaces. 

“Even a few minutes or seconds make a huge difference if your family’s safety is the priority! Get the Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm and evacuate your family within time with no risk of fire.”

How does the Smart Smoke Detector Works with its Simple Operations? 

Add a bit of convenience and comfort to your home against smoke or fire danger through the Smart-tech Smoke Alarms. 

  • When the smoke concentration exceeds the minimum limit, the smoke alarm activates, a quick red light flashes continuously, and the buzzer will produce a Di-D-Di alarm sound.
  • If the smoke is mitigated or is a false alarm, press the hush button, making the device enter the hush mode for 10 minutes.
  • If the battery is low, press the hush button, and the device goes into hush mode for 12 hours to conserve the remaining energy in the batteries.
  • When the batteries get lower than the limit, the device emits RED light and flashes once. The alarm installed in the machine will produce Di sounds after every 53 seconds to keep reminding you about the low battery. 
  • With the 2 simple operational ways, EZ networking and AP networking. For EZ networking, press the networking button for 5 seconds, blinking a blue LED light from the device. In AP networking, long-press the button for 5 seconds, blinking a blue LED light quickly from the device, and then press the networking button again for 5 seconds, and blue light will emit and flash slowly, establishing the APP connection.

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Home security alarms are a great way to keep your loved ones safe. They provide peace of mind and help you avoid burglary or home invasion. If you are considering getting a home security alarm, be sure to research and find the right system for your needs. But through the article, you will get the best option for the security systems. Countless hours were spent researching and investigating the best product to make your home safe and secure, and we are here with the best one, The WBM Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm! They are easy to set up and use and provide peace of mind by letting you know when there is an emergency. If you are looking for a reliable smoke alarm that can also be used as a security system, Smoke Alarm by WBM Smart is the best option.

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