If you have a burned-out bulb in the ceiling fan, then how to fix it? Changing the bulb is easy, and the rewards are worth it. Many homes have ceiling fans with light fixtures affixed. Ceiling light bulbs can offer different functions, allowing you to reduce glare and light up your home spaces. The light bulbs in ceiling fans are usually delicate, and thus they are likely to break at some point. Nevertheless, if you prefer to obtain a different appearance for the ceiling fans, you may want to change the entire light fixture as well. When you are having a hard time finding the light bulb for your ceiling fan, there are a few things you can do:

  1. You can try to unscrew the cover of the light fixture and look for bulbs.
  2. You can dismantle the light fixture by removing the screws.
  3. You can also replace the incandescent or the halogen light bulb with an LED bulb that fits well in the standard light socket.

Switching to LED bulbs in a ceiling fixture offers many benefits. For one, LEDs last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs; additionally, they consume less energy and produce less heat, being a more environmentally-friendly option. Finally, they look great and offer a sleek look in the ceiling fixture.

How to change a Light Bulb in a ceiling fan

As you know, the light bulb is an electrical appliance, so it becomes necessary to follow safety precautions to avoid unnecessary short circuits or overload issues.

The very first and most critical precaution while changing the light bulb in the ceiling fixture is to turn off the fan circuit breaker. When working with electrical wires, you should pay close attention, as they are often electrically powered; even after turning off the breaker as it is hot, it could still be live.

Turn the Electricity off while Changing the LED Bulb

First, locate the household’s breaker panel – turn the breaker off that corresponds to the ceiling fan and the light kit. Well, quite a straightforward step towards turning the breaker off. Most people know why to do so, but some don’t know about it. 

When you switch toward the LED bulb, the previous light bulb energy stored can cause damage to the new one, so it is important to turn off the electricity before changing it. Adjusting your new LED bulb keeps your odds of damage minimal, thus prolonging its lifespan.

Remove the Light Fixture

Stop unless you’re sure that all like most things are turned off. Take off the bulbs and the lamp from the light fixture. Identify the screws that fix together. Loosen the screws connected to the fixture with a screwdriver and gradually lower the fixture from the fan motor.

Remove the Existing Wires

If the ceiling has wires for both the fan and the light, means you are getting 2 separate wires leading to its light fixture. Locate and disconnect them. Normally, you’ll begin by taking the nuts off with counterclockwise turns. Place the nuts in a safe and secure location.

Remove Old Light Kit

Remove the old lighting fixture by taking off its light bulb covers and separating its wiring. Determine the wires during the process of stripping and labeling them so they do not get mixed up later, and then discard the old lighting kit.

Reattach Wires to New Light Kit.

It is always simple and easy to replace the old light bulb with a new one through 3 simple steps: firstly, take off the old center plate, screw the center plate holes, and then attach the new wires to the light fixture.

Attach the New Light Kit Securely.

After you reattach the wires, you’ll have to screw the new light’s clasp well so it attaches securely. You must plan for this problem when repairing lights. By following these steps for the right adjustments, you can fix the lights properly and avoid unwanted complications.

Restore the Ceiling Fan Electricity

Return to the circuit breaker box and flip the switch to the fan control. Flip the breaker and flip a switch to observe the fan start working. According to experts, it is advisable to make use of light kits that ceiling fan manufacturers have labeled as appropriate.

Upgrade your Ceiling Fan’s Lighting with New LED Lights!

Many homeowners elect to replace the light fixtures in their ceiling fans because they are tired of the outdated look and feel of the old ones. These fixtures typically use incandescent bulbs, which can become dimmer over time and start to emit less light. In addition, these bulbs can eventually fail and create a safety hazard.

To upgrade or replace your fan’s light fixture, consider installing a LED light. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting bulbs. They create a brighter light that is more comfortable to look at.

Different types of manufacturers have light bulbs with different appearances, sizes, and other properties. If you do not choose the wrong size, you’ll soon regret it since it will not function properly. There are certain factors you need to consider while replacing the old bulb with an energy-efficient LED bulb.

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Bulb Size

Having the base measure of the currently installed ceiling fan bulb can help determine the bulb type, size, and light intensity.

There are commonly 4 types of ceiling light bulb types: intermediate, candelabra, medium, and mini-candelabra. But intermediate and candelabra are the more common living room ceiling lights. Mini-candelabra bulbs are used in ceiling fans whereas medium-light bulbs are used in old ceiling fan models.

The average light bulb lasts around 6,000 hours and costs around $10 to replace. A 60W light bulb is the equivalent of a 100W lightbulb. If your light fixture uses a 60W light bulb, it is best to replace the entire fixture with a 100W light fixture.

Color Temperature

Many people only glance at the light brightness when selecting a bulb, but they may not realize that there are different color temperature ratings for different bulbs. This can lead to people purchasing bulbs that they may not be comfortable with, as their preference for a warmer or cooler color temperature may not be met.

For example, a light with a color temperature of 2700K is said to be cool white light with a color temperature of 6000K is said to be warm. You must take certain colors into account if you have allergies or sensitivity to them.


Bulb-watt ratings help people better understand the performance of a bulb based on a particular fan, so it is important to choose the right one.

Most bulbs emit light in a range of colors, but the color you see depends on the temperature of the bulb. Warm bulbs give off yellow light while cooler bulbs give off a bluish light. Kelvin’s rating tells you the temperature.

  • 2700-3000K – Warm and Yellow light
  • 5000-6500K – Bluish Hue light
  • 3000-4500K – Warm White or Yellowish White Light

Light Source

Can a fan light bulb be the sole light source in a room? If you have only a fan light bulb as your sole source of light in a room, it might be time to upgrade to one that is possibly the brightest out there. A fan light bulb can be just fine for smaller rooms, but it might be worth looking into a brighter option for larger rooms or spaces with multiple fixtures.

Get a light bulb of 800 lumens or more. It offers sufficient light in the room to work properly. Any bulb under 800 lumens will not be bright enough for the entire room. If it’s solo lighting, you can add task lighting, including standing lamps, table lamps, etc. 

Decorative Purposes

The market for decorative light bulbs is growing every year, and there are many different types to choose from. It is considered not to leave the uncovered light bulbs straight up on a ceiling fan in the room’s central point because it creates an unattractive mess. Do not use spiral CFLs and discover bulbs with gorgeous aesthetic attributes. If you understand what features you desire, it is simple to research other options.

You should keep in mind that ceiling and wall light fixtures range from desk lamps to chandelier types and have either intermediate or candelabra bases. The intermediate type is similar to standard desk lamps and A lamps for floors. Note that the candelabra light bulbs tend to be smaller and are used in chandeliers.

Types of Light Bulbs: The Bright Side!

When selecting the right white light color temperature, you should be certain which light color is suitable for your visual needs and is easy to control. Therefore, you should understand the specifics of different bulb types and choose the specific one that best fits your needs.

Incandescent Light Bulbs

For years, experts have warned that the days of incandescent light bulbs were known for their warm, nostalgic glow. One of the most in-efficient bulb types, using 3 times more energy than the LED light bulb. Despite this, incandescent light bulbs remain popular in some countries because they are relatively cheap and easy to find.

But now, scientists have developed a new type of light bulb that uses less energy and is more efficient than ever before. Soon, these incandescent bulbs will be replaced by new LED-type bulbs.

Halogen Bulbs.

Energy-efficient halogen lights are often used in homes to provide an ambiance of warmth and coziness. They’re also sometimes called “dimmer lights,” as they allow you to control the light output according to your needs. Although halogen light bulbs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, they are more vulnerable than LED bulbs to heat.

LED Bulbs.

LED bulbs are becoming more popular than ever before! LED bulbs are starting to take over as the go-to choice for energy efficiency. Not only are they cheaper to operate, but they also last much longer than traditional lightbulbs. They are more environmentally friendly!

When you’re in a place with fixed overhead lighting, the LED bulbs will last for a long time and thus render great service for more than 25,000 hours.

The Best Light Bulb in Ceiling Fan: WBM Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs!

WBM LED Light Bulb

Introducing the Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb! This innovative light bulb is perfect for turning any room into a smart home. A revolutionary light bulb with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities can be controlled from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or computer. Plus, its sleek and modern design will make it a perfect addition to any home.

For girls’ nights or movie nights, go for the Alexa Lighting Bulbs, which brighten up for special occasions and can cast a soft light at night.

Integrated 2,700K CCT LED lights to come with cool, warm, and multi-colored RGBW lights to produce a favorable atmosphere in the room. It only takes a few taps on your smartphone to alter light settings and initiate multiple scene configurations. The plug-and-play setup and easy-to-use app module make the whole process more enjoyable.

Hue Lights create a unique lighting atmosphere in your homes and offices. No worries, WiFi LED lights are quite power efficient when it comes to energy usage, energy-saving, and also with the most insignificant environmental impact. Not only do these light bulbs have different color temperatures, but they also emit warm and cool light throughout the day.

What makes the WBM Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulbs stand out?
  • Both Voice control commands and WBM Smart App-controlled. Show compatibility with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa
  • Energy-efficient bulbs that create vibrant lighting of RGB colors
  • Adjustable brightness level, i.e., dim and bright levels according to your choice
  • Simple to operate from anywhere. Just download the WBM Smart APP, and you are good to go!
  • UL+ES certified that guarantees the safety of the Smart LED Bulbs
  • No additional hub is required for connection
What avoids the use of WBM Smart LED Bulbs?
  • No Bluetooth Mesh Technology for connection. Only Wi-Fi compatibility

Final Verdict | How to Change the Light Bulb in Ceiling Fan? 

In conclusion, the most likely problem is a broken light bulb if your ceiling fan does not turn on. To change a light bulb in a ceiling fan:

  1. Remove the cover by unscrewing the three screws near the top.
  2. Carefully replace the old bulb with a new one for maximum brightness.
  3. Screw the cover back in place and re-plug in your ceiling fan.

Replacing the bulb is easy when you have a replacement. More often than not, the source of trouble can be traced to removing the makeup bulb cover. The article tips show what you must do to exchange the ceiling fan light bulb. Keep reading to know how you can remove the various ceiling fan light bulb covers without causing further damage.

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