Being fond of gardening, I love to add up my place with various indoor and outdoor plants. I guess there is no second thought about their aesthetic value. No matter where I put my plants, they just brighten the space. The ambience they create is beyond everything for me. But most of the time, whenever I add a plant to my collection, I feel an extended number of insects in my place. Well, that’s something not to be surprised about. It’s logical. Where there are plants, there are insects and, more particularly, if I dare say, MOSQUITOES!

The situation escalated when I added the latest bunch to my plant collection. I started observing more insects in my house than they had ever been for a while. Especially the mosquitoes! These tiny cruel creatures bit me all over the body, and that buzzing sound in the ear was INTOLERABLE!!!

I knew something like that would happen but didn’t expect it to go this far. Also, not forgetting the rising peak of dengue cases, I had to do something to cut the misery out; otherwise, my days and nights would have been a disaster with those dominating mosquitoes. So, I started researching solutions. There were many renowned repellent types and very good ones too. A wide range of chemical-based repellents was on the top-selling lists. 

I wasn’t sure about the chemical sprays, oils, or creams because I always try to keep the chemicals out of the bay. While scrolling through the websites, I got my gaze on something unique – WBM Smart Electric Bug Zapper Racket. At first, I had doubts, but after I researched it and saw the customer feedback, it built my trust, and I ordered one, thinking, “Maybe it works; let’s give it a try!”

The order was shipped within a few days, A Plus Point here. I grabbed the package, and the beautiful packaging was the first thing that got my stare. The moment I opened up the packaging, I fell in love with it. The quality was 100% authentic. The built-in Blue LED light was an absolute treat to the eyes. No need for additional lamps there!

WBM Smart 2-in-1 Electric Bug Zapper

WBM Mosquitoes Trap Lamp & Racket

Exploring through the electric bug zapper, I noticed a fine triple-layered mesh structure surrounding the inner electrified grid. Visibly, it looks the same as advertised. The esthetically appealing exterior got a 10/10 at first glance.

The Real Test – A Moment Of Truth!

This was the part I was most excited about. It was evening, and mosquitoes were humming around, so I turned it on and placed it in the middle of the lounge table. Sitting on the couch, I waited. What came out next was exceptional. Moments later, I turned on the 2-in-1 electric mosquito racket; it started zapping the mosquitos. I could hear the zapping sounds, and to be honest, those were a treat to the ear after being through all those mosquito-created miseries. After a good round of zapping, I felt all peaceful and comfortable.

I tried the second swatting method the next day while eating my breakfast on my patio. I hit a bothering wasp, and within seconds, the racket knocked it down to the ground. Took It Outdoors.

A few days after, a friend of mine hosted a cookout night in the mountains. The place was such a beauty but a hub of mosquitos. I knew that and took my rechargeable best electric zapper along. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like I was carrying something extra. It quickly fitted into my backpack. When I arrived at the spot, I placed it nearby. We enjoyed the night, and the racket kept doing its job. After the whole evening, I didn’t get a bite a single time, nor did my friends. It was one of the most comfortable and beautiful cookouts experience I have ever experienced.

What Are The Key Features?

Durable Design

The sturdy material stands out linear in the corner of the room, efficiently doing its job. 

Large Surface Area

 Recall the size of the tennis racket in your mind. That’s precisely the amount of surface area this electric racket zap got. 

Dual Action

The racket comes with a charging stand that helps to keep it in place and perform the function. And if you see an insect flying around, just hit it with the bat, and the game is over!

Advanced Lighting Technology

WBM Best Smart Bug Zapper Bat includes six mosquitoes trapping UV lights, emitting a 360-400 nm wavelength. Insects can’t resist that light wavelength.

Rechargeable Battery

That’s one of the best things about it. A USB rechargeable lithium battery (1200 mAh) goes for consecutive 8 hours with a charging time of a minimum of 4 hours. This makes it convenient to carry along when going out on a casual trip. 

Safe Manufacturing

Don’t be concerned about safety. The racket is carefully designed to prevent electric hazards. It comes with a three-layered mesh surrounding the electrified region inside. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The best thing! If there is an issue with the product or you are not satisfied with any aspect of it, the manufacturer provides a 100% money-back guarantee. So, you have to trust and buy without any second thought.

In A Nutshell – Do Bug Zapper Rackets Work?

In a nutshell, the WBM Smart Electric Zapper Racket is fantastic! The truth is that I barely use this word when recommending anything, but this got me to the point where I have no other option than to say WOW! This WBM Mosquito Racket has managed to retain the hype, all thanks to the quality, functioning, and efficiency. You can get your WBM Smart Bug Zapper here at the official website of WBM or amazon. Place your order here and grab the discount opportunities now and then. The price is always smaller against 24-hour protection.

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